Citoquinas ELISA kits

Nuevos Kits LumiKine™, de la casa Invivogen, para cuantificar niveles de citoquinas humanas o de ratón en cultivo celular (sobrenadante), suero y plasma.

Cytokine ELISA kits

InvivoGen has created LumiKine, a proprietary bioluminescent ELISA for accurate, specific and rapid detection of mammalian cytokines by luminometry.
Specific LumiKine kits are currently available for human and murine interleukins and interferons. Each Lumikine kit includes everything you need to run five ELISAs.

LumiKine kits

LumiKine™ kits are bioluminescent ELISA kits designed to quantify the levels of human or mouse cytokines in cell culture supernatant, serum and plasma samples.
These kits contain recombinant standards produced in mammalian cells and antibodies raised against the natural proteins by DNA immunization. The enzyme used for detection is Lucia luciferase. It is fused to streptavidin, which binds to the biotinylated detection antibody.
Addition of QUANTI-Luc™, which contains the luciferase substrate, instantaneously generates a bioluminescent signal, that is directly proportional to the concentration of the cytokine. This signal is quantified by luminometry.

LumiKine Xpress kits

LumiKine™ Xpress kits are bioluminescent ELISA kits that enable even faster detection of the cytokines than do the LumiKine™ kits. The Lucia luciferase enzyme is directly fused to the detection antibody, eliminating the biotinylated antibody-streptavidin conjugate incubation step.

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